When you translate, you often need to copy source phrases, numbers, or tags to the target cell. With AutoPick, you can take content from the source cell, and insert it in the target cell with simple keystrokes. The parts you can pick are tags, numbers, terms, non-translatables, and auto-translatables.

When you are translating a segment in the translation editor, press (and release) Ctrl to get the AutoPick menu. From that menu, choose the item you need to insert. After you insert something, Autopick won't offer it again in the same segment.

How to get here

Open a document for translation. On the Translation ribbon, click Translation settings, and choose Predictive Typing and AutoPick. The Predictive typing and AutoPick window appears. Click the AutoPick tab.

To learn about predictive typing: See this topic.


What can you do?

To turn on AutoPick: Check the Enable AutoPick check box.

Fine-tune how AutoPick works

Choose the things you can pick

Fine-tune how memoQ inserts numbers in the target cell

AutoPick settings work for all of memoQ: memoQ uses the same settings in every project and in every document. If you need to change these options, open any document from any project, and change the settings in the Predictive typing and AutoPick window.

When you finish

Click OK to apply your settings.

To return to your translation without changing the settings: Click Cancel.

In the translation editor, press and release Ctrl to make your pick. Press and release Ctrl again to hide the AutoPick menu.