The Availability calendar shows the availability of translators and reviewers. It works if your memoQ server is connected to Language Terminal.

To show up on the availability calendar, a translator or reviewer must be listed in your organization's Language Terminal profile as an internal vendor. To check the list of internal vendors, open the Logins and settings page from Language Terminal.

Requires memoQ project manager: You need the project manager edition of memoQ to see the availability of translators and reviewers.

You need to be a project manager or an administrator: You may manage users only if you are member of the Project managers or Administrators group on the memoQ server.

Before you can view users from Language Terminal, you must prepare memoQ server: Use the Language Terminal pane of Server administrator to connect your memoQ server to Language Terminal. If you have no permission to do this, contact the administrator of the memoQ server. To learn more: See Help about the Language Terminal pane of Server Administrator.

Shows tasks from your organization only: The Availability calendar does not show the assignments that the users may receive from other organizations. However, users may indicate this in their own Language Terminal calendars by setting a lower capacity for certain days, or by indicating holidays.

How to get here

On the project manager's dashboard, at the top, click Vendor availability.


In an online project, start assigning documents to users.

1.Open an online project for management.

2.Choose Translations. Select documents that you need to assign.

3.On the Online Project ribbon, click Assign. The Assign selected documents to users window opens.

4.Under Filter users, click View Availability.

The Availability calendar window opens.


What can you do?

View and understand the availability information

Find out who is overworked and filter the list for other details

Not scheduling tasks for the same day? If you will not schedule tasks for the current date, you can hide it from the calendar, so more days fit in: Clear the Schedule tasks for today check box.

When you finish

To return to the Assign selected documents to users window or to the project manager's dashboard: Close the Availability calendar window.

You can keep the window open and switch away: You can switch back to memoQ by pressing Alt+Tab or clicking the memoQ icon on the Windows taskbar.