You can back up and restore local projects from the Dashboard or from the Manage projects window. When you back up a project, memoQ also makes a copy of all resources (translation memories, term bases, LiveDocs corpora, and other resources) that are used in the project. You can choose to back up to a file on your computer or to your Language Terminal account.

How to get here

To back up a project: In the translator Dashboard or in the project manager Dashboard, select a project. On the Project ribbon, click Back Up.

Or: In the Project ribbon, click Manage projects. The Manage projects window appears. Select a project. Right-click the selection, and choose Back Up.


What can you do?

Choose a file to save the backup

Save the backup to your Language Terminal profile

If you check both check boxes in the Backup selected project window, memoQ saves your backup to a local file and to Language Terminal.

When you finish

Click OK to back up your project.

To return to the Dashboard without making a backup: Click Cancel.

To restore a backup in memoQ: In the Project ribbon, click Restore. The memoQ restore from backup wizard appears.