memoQ server 8.1 comes with the Customer Portal, a web-based component that works together with memoQWeb. You can install the Customer Portal with the same deployment tool as you use to install all other components.


You may need a separate license for the Customer Portal. Contact Kilgray for more information.

memoQ server 8.1 works together with Language Terminal, the management portal run by Kilgray. Language Terminal is an online service, and it is not part of the memoQ server 8.1 installation package. You may create a profile on Language Terminal for your organization, and you may con-nect your memoQ server to the portal.

Since memoQ 2015, memoQWeb is part of the memoQ server installation package. The license for the memoQWeb server modules is also included with every new memoQ server license. (You still need license pools to connect to the server or to various modules of memoQWeb.)

Since memoQ 2015, memoQ Content connector is also part of the memoQ server installation package. However, you still need to acquire a separate license for it.

With these changes, all server modules in the memoQ product suite are available in one single installation package.