With Concordance, you can look for words and expressions in translation memories and LiveDocs corpora. This is useful when there is no match for the entire segment while you are translating a document. Concordance will give you a list of entries where the search expression was found. The entries come from the translation memories and LiveDocs corpora in your project.

When you find an entry that helps, you can insert text into your translation from the Concordance window.

Concordance can also help you find the translation of a word or expression that's not in your term bases. If there are several entries that contain the expression, Concordance guesses the translation from the target text of the same entries.

You can also edit the entries that Concordance finds in translation memories.

How to get here

1.Open a project. Open a document in the translation editor.

2.Select the text you need to look for. Press Ctrl+K.

Concordance can search target: You can select text in a target cell, too. Concordance searches in the target-language part of the translation memories and LIveDocs corpora.

Another way: In the Translation ribbon, click Concordance.

If you don't select text: The Concordance window opens empty. You can type your search expression there.


What can you do?

Search for part of the source-language text in TMs and corpora

Search for a word or expression, guess the translation, and add terms to term bases

Search for a word or expression in the target language

Edit translation memory entries from Concordance

Use wildcards to find different words

When you finish

To close the Concordance window, and return to the translation editor: Click Close.

Insert may close Concordance: Normally, the Concordance window closes after you click an Insert command to insert text in the translation editor.  But you need to keep the Concordance window open, clear the Close dialog on insert check box before you click an Insert command.