With Confirm and update rows, you can copy segments (with translations) to a translation memory.

Use it when you need to update a master translation memory with reviewed translations.

When you receive a bilingual document from a reviewer, you need to run Confirm and update rows to save the contents in a translation memory. You create a project; add the translation memory you want to update; import the bilingual document or documents; and then call on Confirm and update rows.

You need a working or a master translation memory in your project before you can do this.

How to get here

Open a project. You can also open a document for translation. On the Preparation ribbon, choose Confirm and Update.

Or: Open a project. Open a document if necessary. Press Ctrl+Shift+U.


What can you do?

Choose which documents and segments must be copied to the translation memory

Choose which TM to update

Save more details to the TM with every segment

When you finish

Click OK to perform the confirm and update operation. Click Cancel to close the dialog box without making changes to your documents.

Click Show more... to view the User name and the Custom fields section. In the expanded view, click Show less... to collapse the Confirm and update rows dialog, and show the first two sections only.