A filter configuration tells memoQ how to read - import - a document that needs to be translated.

To learn more in general: See the main topic about creating a filter configuration.

There are complex documents - especially in Microsoft Office types - where the document contains embedded objects. For example, a Word document may include a report in the form of an embedded Excel worksheet. memoQ can import these documents together with the embedded documents. After the import, the project lists the main documents and the embedded documents as separate ones.

memoQ can import embedded documents from the inside of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents if they are

Image files

Microsoft Excel documents (old and new)

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (old and new)

Microsoft Word documents (old and new)

Using this command, you can choose a special configuration for each type of embedded document.

To use this filter configuration: Use Import with options to import the document. In the Document import options window, click Change filter and configuration or Change filter and configuration for all. In the Document import settings window: From the Filter configuration drop-down box, choose the name of the filter configuration that you created here.

How to get here

Open the Resource Console. Choose Filter configurations. Under the list, click Create new filter for embedded documents.

From a project or an online project: You cannot do this. When you import documents with options, you can check the Import embedded documents check box. But then memoQ imports those documents with default settings.


If My Computer is selected in Resource Console


If a memoQ server is selected in Resource Console

What can you do?

Choose a place for the filter configuration (when a server is selected in Resource Console)

Give a name, choose a type, and type a description for the filter configuration

When you finish

To create the filter configuration: Click OK.

To return to the Resource Console, and not create a filter configuration: Click Cancel.