A project template helps you create memoQ projects very quickly and consistently.

A project template is a collection of settings, commands, and scripts that help to create a new project where documents and resources are processed automatically, and the project manager has very little to do.

To learn more, see the topic about editing project templates.

You cannot edit default project templates. (There are two in memoQ translator pro, and three on a memoQ server.) Either you need to make a copy of a default template, or you need to create a new one.

You use templates to create projects: To use a project template, create a project. Open memoQ. On the Project ribbon, choose New project from template or New online project from template.

Default or empty settings: In a new project template, settings are either the default, or they are empty. You need to edit the template to make project creation more automatic.

How to get here

Open the Resource Console. Choose Project templates. Under the list, click Create new.


If My Computer is selected in Resource Console


If a memoQ server is selected in Resource Console

What can you do?

Choose a place for the project template

Give a name and a description to the project template

When you finish

To create the project template: Click OK.

To return to the Resource Console, and not create a project template: Click Cancel.