You can add custom descriptive fields to a translation memory. These descriptive fields help memoQ rank matches that you receive from different translation memories.

To use the descriptive fields: you need to set up filters in the TM settings profile that you use in your project.

How to get here

1.Start creating a translation memory.

2.In the New translation memory window, click the Custom fields tab.

3.Below the list of custom fields, click Add.

To edit an existing custom field: Click the name of the field. Below the list, click Edit.


Add custom fields to an existing translation memory

Add custom fields to the default scheme, to use in all new translation memories

custom_field_properties_freetext custom_field_properties_picklist

What can you do?

Give the field a name: Type a name in the Name text box.

You can't change the name of an existing field: If you're editing an existing field, the Name box is greyed out.

Add a field to hold free text, a number, or a date and time

Add a field with a choice of values (a picklist)

When you finish

To create or change the custom field, and return to the previous window: Click OK.

To return to the previous window, and not create the custom field: Click Cancel.

Possible next step: Set up the TM settings profile for your projects. Edit it, and add filters for the custom fields you just created.