memoQ has several default ribbons: Project, Documents, Preparation, Translation, Review, Edit, View. There are many more that appear only when you're managing or editing resources, or you're editing alignment pairs.

Project managers have Workflow: In the project manager edition of memoQ, there is a Workflow ribbon, too.

To collect frequently used commands: Use the Quick Access ribbon or the Quick Access toolbar. The Quick Access toolbar is always at the very top of the memoQ window. (If you can't find it, look left.)

You can customize the Quick Access ribbon, the Workflow ribbon, and the Quick Access Toolbar.

How to get here

1.On the Quick access toolbar (in the top left corner of the memoQ window), click Options icon_options.

2.In the Options window, choose Appearance. At the top left, click Customize the ribbon.

The Customize the memoQ ribbon window appears.

Or, use the ribbon: Open a project if none is open. On the View ribbon, click Customize the Ribbon. The Customize the memoQ ribbon window appears.

Or, right-click any icon in any ribbon: In any of the ribbons: Right-click an icon. Choose Customize the Ribbon.

Or, right-click an icon to the Quick Access toolbar: In any of the ribbons: Right-click an icon. Choose Add To Quick Access Toolbar. The Customize the memoQ ribbon window doesn't appear.


What can you do?

Customize the Quick Access ribbon: For example, let's add the Pre-translate command to it

Customize the Quick Access toolbar

Use the customized ribbons and Quick Access toolbar on another computer

To undo the customization, and return to the default ribbons: At the bottom of the Customize the memoQ ribbon window, click Restore defaults.

If memoQ is upgraded, the ribbon may change: When you update or upgrade memoQ, your customized ribbons stay as they were. But if a command is missing from a new version, and your customized ribbon contains the command that was taken away: It will be deleted from the customized ribbon.

When you finish

To save the customized ribbons, and return to memoQ (or to Options): Click OK.

To return to memoQ (or to Options), and not save the changes: Click Cancel.