On the Dashboard, you can filter the list of projects for certain properties of the projects.

How to get here

1.Open memoQ. But don't open any projects.

2.Right above the list of projects: On the left of the "search" box, click the pencil icon_edit-filter icon.


The Edit filter window appears.


What can you do?

Add a condition for a property:

1.From the Field name drop-down box, choose the property (for example, Size or Client). Note the immense amount of fields you can choose from.

2.From the Relationship drop-down box, choose a relationship (such as '<', '=', '>', or 'after', 'before', 'between', 'on day'). You can't choose a relationship for all properties. For some properties (for example, Client or Online), there's only 'equals'.

3.In the Value box, type the text or number that you want to compare the property with.

Value can be a drop-down box: For many properties (such as Client), the Value field becomes a drop-down box. You can choose from values known to memoQ. Or, from 'yes' or 'no'.

When you choose the property in the Field name drop-down box: memoQ automatically adds a new row.

To add another condition: Choose a field name, a relationship, and a value in the last empty row of the list.

Conditions must be true together: For example, if you set Size > 5000 in the first row and Client equals Kilgray in the second row, memoQ will look for projects that are larger than 5000 words and are being done for Kilgray.

To remove a condition: Right-click anywhere in the row, and choose Delete this row. Or, click the empty box on the left (to the left of Field name), and press the Delete key.

Free text filter: From the conditions you add, memoQ puts together a search expression. It appears at the bottom of the Edit filter window. You can actually type this expression in the 'search' box without opening the Edit filter window.

When you finish

To save the filter, return to the Dashboard, and filter the list of projects: Click OK.

To return to the Dashboard, and not filter the list of projects: Click Cancel.