memoQWeb is a suite of web-based translation products built on memoQ server. Currently, the memoQWeb suite consists of three modules:

memoQWebTrans: A web-based translation and reviewing tool for editing documents in online projects published by memoQ server.

QTerm: A web-based terminology management system to create, manage, and review advanced term bases.

memoQWebPM: A web-based project management tool to create and manage project on a memoQ server.

These pages describe how you can plan, install, and configure memoQweb.

Before you install memoQweb, you need to install and configure memoQ server.

You also need a web server - Internet Information Services - on the server computer.

After you install and configure memoQ server, you may need to install Customer Portal.

How to get here

When you are about to install memoQweb, memoQ server will already be installed on the server computer. To begin deploying or changing memoQweb:

1.Log in to the memoQ server computer through Remote Desktop.

2.Open the Start screen or the Start menu: Press the Windows key.

3.Type memoQ, and wait for the results to appear.

4.In the list, click memoQ Server Deployment Administration.

5.Windows may ask you to confirm to run the program. Click Yes or Run.

6.The Deployment window opens. You need the second section from the top (memoQweb):


What can you do?

To install memoQweb over your existing memoQ server system, follow the steps below. To learn more, read the corresponding topics (click the links):

1.Plan, install, and configure memoQ server.

2.Before you do anything: Plan and prepare for memoQweb carefully. Install Internet Information Services (the web server component of Windows) and ASP.NET if necessary.

3.Install memoQweb.

4.At this point, you may need to restart the memoQ server service. You may also need to restart Internet Information Services.

To maintain an existing memoQweb system, you can do the following. To learn more, read the topic for each item:

Upgrade memoQweb to a new version: you must do this after you upgrade memoQ server to a new version.

Repair memoQweb if it cannot be accessed or it does not work as expected

When you finish

You may need to install or configure Customer Portal.

To learn more about installing memoQ server: Read the Deploy memoQ server topics.

To learn more about installing Customer Portal: Read the Deploy Customer Portal topics.