These are the most important new features of memoQ 8.1.

Find and replace - and filtering in the translation editor - just got way handier

Import all flavors of PDF - use the TransPDF service

Import tracked changes from SDLXLIFF documents and translation quality assessment from Trados Studio packages

Translation preview just got much better

No more "Out of memory" errors: 64-bit is back

Neural machine translation from Google and Microsoft

Term bases no longer need to have the exact same languages as the project

Sending feedback to machine-translation: If a machine-translation engine can learn from translations, memoQ can help with that

Pseudo- translation can be fine-tuned to a greater detail than before

Better precision in prices in Language Terminal - you can specify rates with up to four decimal digits

Find and replace is now available as an automated action in project templates

As a project manager, you can see if an online project was not changed for a long time - and you can archive it automatically