Edit distance statistics can measure the work of a reviewer: It shows how much the translator's work had to be corrected. memoQ can calculate these automatically in a project that is created from a project template.

Only delivered documents and confirmed segments: The edit distance report gives you numbers for the entire project. But it runs on those documents only that were delivered, and on segments that were confirmed.

Works in online projects only: memoQ doesn't run edit distance statistics in local projects that were created from the project template.

To learn more: See the topic about creating an edit distance report manually.

How to get here

1.Open Resource console. Choose Project templates.

To set up a template for online projects: Use an online template for this. Choose your memoQ server at the top of Resource console. Click Select.

2.Select the project template that you want to set up with automated actions that use custom scripts. Right-click the selection, and click Edit.

Online projects only: This action isn't available in local projects. If the eye is closed in the top right corner of the Edit project template window, click it.

3.In the Edit project template window, choose Automated actions. Click the Project automation tab if you don't see it at first.

4.Under Available triggers, click an event when you want memoQ to calculate the edit-distance statistics. You may need to run this after a document is delivered by a reviewer. For example, click Reviewer 2 delivers document.

5.Next to Actions added to the selected trigger, click the + sign. The Select actions you want to ad to the trigger window appears.

6.Click Calculate reviewer edit distance. The Edit distance statistics - settings window appears.

If you can't add this action because it's already there: Under Actions added to the selected trigger, click Calculate reviewer edit distance. Next to the list, click the Settings icon_automated-action-settings button. The Edit distance statistics - settings window appears.


What can you do?

Set how the edit distance is measured

Save the report automatically on the server

When you finish

To add the action to the project template: Click OK.

The report won't run when you click OK: To get the analysis report automatically in an ongoing project: Create a project from this project template, and start working on it. Check the Reports or the Overview / Reports section for the new reports.

To return to the Edit project template window, and not add an action to the project template: Click Cancel.