You can't open documents directly for editing from the memoQ online project window. But if the memoQ server has WebTrans, memoQ can open the document in a web browser.

Project manager edition only: You can't manage online projects from memoQ translator pro.

How to get here

This message appears when you double-click a document name in the Translations pane of the memoQ online project window - on a memoQ server that has WebTrans.

Different if WebTrans isn't there: If WebTrans is not available on the server, memoQ gives a warning that you can't edit the document.


What can you do?

To edit the document in a web browser: Click Yes.

memoQ opens your default web browser, and opens the document there. If you do this for the first time, it may take a while.

Make sure you have access: If you get a message that you cannot access the document, or you don't have a license, contact the administrator of the memoQ server.

If you need memoQ after all: If you decide that you need the functionality of the full translation editor, or the document is large: You need to edit the document in memoQ. To do that, check out the project first. When you check out an online project, memoQ makes a copy of it on your computer. You can edit the documents in the local copy. To check out the project from the memoQ online project window, click the Check out local copy icon at the top left.

To return

To close the message, and return to the memoQ online project window: Click No.