You can run many tasks automatically at various points in a project. This works for local projects as well as online ones.

Can't do this without templates: You can do this in projects created from project templates only. Set up a template first. Configure the automated actions. Then, create a new project from that project template.

For example, this is how memoQ can automatically pre-translate documents, and run statistics on them after they are imported.

This topic doesn't list all possible options - there are way to many of those, but it shows on an example how you can set up your template for automated actions.

How to get here

Open Resource console. Choose Project templates.

To set up a template for online projects: Use an online template for this. Choose your memoQ server at the top of Resource console. Click Select.

Select the project template that you want to set up with automated actions that use custom scripts. Right-click the selection, and click Edit.

In the Edit project template window, choose Automated actions. Click the Project automation tab if you don't see it at first.


What can you do?

For example, pre-translate and analyze documents after they are imported; and export them automatically when the project is wrapped up

Add a new automated action

Change an existing automated action

See the available actions

When you finish

To save the project template, and return to Resource console: Click OK.

Possible next step: After you finish working on the template, close the Resource console, and create a project from the template.

To continue working on the project template: choose another category, and fine-tune other settings.

To return to Resource console, and not save the project template: Click Cancel.