This pane offers various settings to fine-tune online projects. Online projects created from the project template will use these settings.

An online project always goes through a workflow of translation and one or two passes of reviewing. You can't change this here. What you can change is the following:

Whether or not team members in various roles can work at the same time

How thoroughly team members must check their own work

Whether or not team members can use external online resources such as machine translation

What happens when users check out a project

How team members can communicate through chat and discussions

Project manager edition only: You can't manage online projects in the translator pro edition of memoQ. You need the project manager edition for that.

How to get here

Open the Resource Console. Choose Project templates. Select the template you want to edit. Under the list, click Edit.

For online projects: Create and edit a template on the server. Choose a server at the top of Resource console before you select a template.

Open the eye: This action isn't available when you use the 'local' variant of the Edit project template window. If the eye is closed in the top right corner, click it.

On the left, click Online project settings. The Online project settings pane appears.


What can you do?

Answer questions about the job, so that memoQ provides the best support for the way you need to work.

Do translators and reviewers track their changes when they edit documents?

Do translators and reviewers work on the same document at the same time, or do they work after each other?

Who will go through quality assurance warnings? The translator or the reviewer?

Is the source material confidential or even secret?

What happens when translators or reviewers check out the project? What is downloaded? Can translators join or split segments?

What is downloaded when translators or reviewers download a package of the project?

Can translators, reviewers, and project managers chat and discuss the job?

Who gets e-mails about what?

When you finish

To set up other options: Click another category in the Edit project template window.

To add people to the project: Click People, and start adding users to the project template.

To save the project template: Click OK.

To return to the Resource console, and not change the project template: Click Cancel.