From a template, memoQ can automatically set up term bases for a project.

You can use term bases specifically for the client, domain, subject, and umbrella project for the job. If the template is set up with these, memoQ will create specific term bases - or use the existing ones if they are already there.

You can select term bases using a naming rule. This works if you have several term bases, and you follow a strict naming convention.

Finally, you can include 'fixed' term bases - specific term bases that are already on your system when you create or edit the template.

Term bases must be on the same system: If you edit a project template that is on a server, you can use term bases from that server only. If you edit a project template on your own computer, you can use local term bases only.

How to get here

Open the Resource Console. Choose Project templates. Select the template you want to edit. Under the list, click Edit.

For online projects and online term bases: Create and edit a template on the server. Choose a server at the top of Resource console before you select a template.

On the left, click Term bases. The Term bases pane appears.


What can you do?

Automatically use term bases for the client, domain, subject, or umbrella project of the job

Automatically use or create a term base that matches a name

Use 'fixed' term bases already available

Languages are added to the term bases automatically: Term bases have languages. When a term base is in a project, it must have all the languages of the project. (Term bases don't have a source language or target languages - just languages.) But when you create a project, and memoQ finds a term base that can be added, it will automatically add any missing languages to the term base.

When you finish

To set up other options: Click another category in the Edit project template window.

To set up translation memories: On the left, click Translation memories.

To save the project template: Click OK.

To return to the Resource console, and not change the project template: Click Cancel.