When you work on a reviewed document in the alignment editor, you may need to close it for the day.

Through the Existing sessions window, you can return to the review of a document that you left earlier.

How to get here

Open the project that has the reviewed document.

On the Documents ribbon, click Monolingual review. In the menu, click click Unfinished Monolingual Review Sessions. The Existing sessions window opens.


What can you do?

Continue a review: Click the name of the document that you want to continue reviewing. Click Continue session. The alignment editor opens with the original and the reviewed translation. The Existing sessions window closes.

To stop reviewing a document, and drop the edits: Click the name of the document. Click Delete session. memoQ forgets about this reviewing session.

When you finish

To return to Project home, or to the translation editor, and not continue with an existing review: Click Cancel.