memoQ can show what reviewers changed in a project's translation. It compares two versions of files and shows what was changed. To create this report, use the Export change-tracked document feature.

You would use the change-tracked document for two purposes, mostly:

Project managers can see how well the translator worked and how much the reviewer had to work to correct errors.

Translators can see their mistakes and the reviewer's corrections, and learn from them.

To get a change track document report: Under Change track document, click Create new report now. The Export change-tracked document - settings window appears. Choose the settings, then click OK. The new report appears under Change track document, at the top of the list.

How to get here

Open a local project, or a project checked out from a server. In Project home, choose Overview. Click the Reports tab, and under Change track document, click Create new report now.

Doesn't work in online projects: You cannot export change-tracked documents in the memoQ online project window. To see the changes that reviewers made in an online project, check out the project first.


What can you do?

Tell memoQ which reviewer's changes you want to see and how it should create the reports.

Select the changes memoQ should show

Select how memoQ should create the report

When you finish

To get the change-tracked document report: Click OK.

To return to the Overview pane without generating the report: Click Cancel.

To export the report from the Overview pane