This is the Find and replace window when you view or edit a document from a LiveDocs corpus. You can search for words or expressions in corpus documents. You can replace words or expressions with other text.

Works everywhere: Find and replace works in bilingual and monolingual documents, as well as in aligned document pairs.

Regular expressions: You can use regular expressions in the Find what box, and replace rules (variables) in the Replace with box.

How to get here

1.Open a project.

2.In Project home, choose LiveDocs.

3.In the list at the top, check the check box of the LiveDocs corpus where you need to find text.

4.Open a document from the LiveDocs corpus. (The documents are listed at the bottom.)

5.Press Ctrl+H. The Find and replace window opens. Or, to just find something, press Ctrl+F. The Find and replace window opens, but the Replace with box will be greyed out.


What can you do?

1. In the Find what box, tell memoQ what you look for

To search inside inline tags: Check the Expand tags to text check box. Then you can look for tags like this: '<mq:ch>'.

2. In the Replace with box, type or choose the replacement text

3. Choose where to look: in the source text, in the translation, or in both

4. Choose how to search: look for whole words only, start over at the beginning, and keep formatting when replacing

After you enter the text to search for - and, optionally, the replacement -, you can go through the document, and decide what happens to the text that memoQ finds.

To jump to the first or the next occurrence: Click Find next. memoQ jumps to the nearest segment where the Find what text occurs, and highlights the text.

The Find and replace window stays open. You can even click the segment, make changes, and then return to the Find and replace window.

To replace the latest occurrence that memoQ found: Click Replace. memoQ replaces the occurrence with the Replace with text. Then it jumps to the next occurrence, and highlights it. The Find and Replace window stays open.

To replace all occurrences in the open document: Click Replace All. memoQ replaces every occurrence of the Find what text with the Replace with text. memoQ counts the occurrences, and shows the number on the right. When memoQ finishes replacing, it announces the result in the Find/Replace message box. To return to the Find and Replace window: Click OK. The Find and replace window stays open.

After finding and replacing, you can enter new Find what and Replace with expressions, and go over the document once again.

When you finish

To close the Find and replace window, and go back to the document editor: click Close.