In the translation editor, you can jump to specific segments. You can either choose detailed conditions for the segments you want to jump to, or you can jump to a segment by typing its number.

After you choose the conditions, you can repeat the same jump by pressing Ctrl+G.

How to get here

1.Open a project.

2.Open a document for translation.

3.Press Ctrl+Shift+G.

Or: On the Edit ribbon, click the arrow next to Go To Next. From the menu, choose Settings.

The Go to next segment window opens.


What can you do?

Jump to a segment by number

Choose what kind of segments to jump to

memoQ jumps to segment that meets all conditions: If you select several conditions, maybe even across different tabs, memoQ jumps to the first segment that matches all the conditions. If there is no segment that matches all the conditions, memoQ won't jump.

Speed up reviewing the document. Jump to next whenever you confirm a segment: Under Automatically jump, check the Automatically jump after confirmation check box. When you translate, and click Confirm, Confirm and Overwrite, or Confirm Without Update commands (or press Ctrl+Enter or Ctrl+Shift+Enter), memoQ jumps to the next segment that meets the conditions.

To jump back: Normally, memoQ jumps forward. But if you suspect that the segment you need is upwards in the document: Under Direction, click the Up radio button.

When you finish

To save the jumping conditions, and jump immediately: Click OK.

To just save the jumping conditions, and not jump: Click Remember.

To just return to the translation editor, and neither save nor jump: Click Cancel.

To jump again with the same conditions: In the translation editor, press Ctrl+G. memoQ uses the last conditions to jump to the next matching row.