Product no longer available: From January 1, 2016, the stand-alone memoQ CAL server is not available for purchase. Existing customers continue to receive support. This topic contains instructions to reinstall or move your CAL server.

Cannot install new CAL server: You will not be able to install a new CAL server if you do not have a license already.

This topic is about the stand-alone memoQ CAL Server. The CAL Server distributes, translator, project manager, and web licenses of memoQ.

What is a CAL server, and how does it work?

Disclaimer: Do not install CAL server if anything is unclear in this topic

System requirements


Installing CAL Server

Starting the CAL server

The memoQ CAL license manager program

Setting up the server credential

Updating license pools on the CAL licensing server

Granting licenses from the license pool

Viewing licenses in use

Viewing refused requests: security and troubleshooting

To use CAL licenses from memoQ: See Help about the memoQ Activation window.