Through this window, you can start the notification chain for an online project. memoQ server will send an initial e-mail to all participants. The e-mail contains details about accessing the online project. Later, when there is a change in the workflow status of a document, memoQ server sends further e-mails to the participants and the project manager.

In the project's Communication settings, you can choose what e-mails are sent.

Project manager edition required: memoQ translator pro can't create or manage online projects. You need memoQ project manager to launch a project.

The online project will work even if you don't start it: You don't have to start an online project to make it work. Users can connect to it and work with it. However, if you don't start it, memoQ server will not send any e-mails.

How to get here

1.Connect to a memoQ server from the Dashboard.

2.Open an online project for management. The memoQ online project window appears.

3.In the upper-left corner of the memoQ online project window, click the Launch project icon_launch_project icon.


What can you do?

To start the emails, simply click OK.

Normally, memoQ attaches a file to the e-mails. To start working with the project, the participant can double-click the file. memoQ will open, and start checking out the project.

To choose how memoQ server sends further notification e-mails: In the memoQ online project window, choose Settings. Click the Communication icon. Check the check boxes for e-mails that you need memoQ server to send.

To see the e-mails that were sent by the memoQ server: In the memoQ online projects window, choose Overview. Click the History tab, and look at the Notification history section.

When you finish

To send the first e-mail, and start the chain of e-mails: Click OK.

To return to the memoQ online project window, and not start sending e-mails: Click Cancel.

After you launch a project, it will be locked. That means you cannot change the assignments, the documents, or the resources.

An online project that was launched and locked looks like this:


To assign or reassign documents, or make other changes to the project: Click the padlock padlock-button button first.