This window appears when you start memoQ for the first time, and use the memoq activation window instead of the memoQ activation wizard. You can enter your existing serial number here, or you can ask for a serial number if you don't have one on this computer.

How to get here

If you start memoQ for the first time, the Activation wizard starts automatically. In the opening page, click the blue link at the bottom.

Sometimes, this window appears automatically if you start memoQ, and you have no license.

memoq_activation_enter_user details

What can you do?

Start your 45-day memoQ trial

Activate your existing license

When you finish

Click OK. memoQ opens the memoQ activation window, with the list of your licenses.

To close the window without activating memoQ: Click Cancel. Caution: After this, your copy of memoQ still won't have a license.

Check your licenses: In the memoQ activation window, check the Active edition. If it shows 'none', you still have no active licenses. Try the activation again. If it fails, contact memoQ Support.