In the project manager edition of memoQ, you can assign documents to other people in a local project - even when you don't have a memoQ server.

After you assign translators and reviewers to documents in a local project, you can do one of two things:

Publish the project on a memoQ server and let the translators check out the project from the server. You need a memoQ server for that. To learn more, see Help about the Publish project wizard.

Or, you can have memoQ create handoff packages for each translator and reviewer. Each handoff package is a single file with the .mqout extension. You can send these files to your co-workers in e-mail. When they open the package in their copies of memoQ, they will get a regular local project. They can work with that project in the usual way. When they finish, they can save delivery packages. A delivery package is again a single file with the .mqback extension. The translator sends this file to the project manager, who can use the delivery package to update the master copy of the project.

To create the handoff packages after the translators were assigned, use the memoQ handoff wizard.

How to get here

Requires memoQ project manager: You need the project manager edition of memoQ to distribute work in handoff packages.

1.Create or open the local project where you want to invite other translators or reviewers.

2.In Project home, choose Translations.

3.On the bar above the document list, click Assignments.


4.Type the names of translators and reviewers next to each document. Just click the cell in the Translator, Reviewer 1, or Reviewer 2 column, and type a name.

5.After you type a name, press Tab. If some names are already filled in, you can choose from the existing names. Use the drop-down boxes for that.

To assign several documents to one person: Select the documents. On the Documents ribbon, click Assign. Then, from the menu, choose Assign again. The Assign selected documents to user window opens. Type the names of the users, and click OK.

6.In Project home, choose Overview.

7.On the General tab, under Handoff checks, click Check project now. memoQ will give you a report about the assignments. You will see how many of the documents are already assigned to translators and reviewers. You can create handoff packages if at least one document is assigned to a translator or a reviewer.

8.Click Create new handoff. The memoQ handoff wizard starts.


What can you do?

Step 1. Choose: Who will get work, and what's the deadline?

Step 2. Name the package and choose what will go into it

Step 3. Review your handoff packages

When you finish

After the handoff packages are created, you must send them to the translators and the reviewers:

1.In Project home, choose Overview.

2.On the Overview pane, click the Handoff / delivery tab.

3.Under Handoff packages path, click Open folder.

4.A folder window opens with the icons of the handoff package files. You can attach them to e-mails you send to the translators.

After you send the packages, you need to wait for the deliveries. You will receive delivery package files (.mqback files). To update your project:

1.In Project home, choose Overview.

2.On the Overview pane, click the Handoff / delivery tab.

3.Under Actions, click Receive delivery.

4.An Open window appears. Find and double-click the delivery package file. memoQ will update the documents it receives in the delivery package.

Partial deliveries: A delivery package may contain a partial delivery where not all segments are translated or confirmed. You will see this on the Translations pane, in the Progress column, after you import the delivery package.

Once some of the documents are fully delivered, you may create the handoff packages for reviewers. Do this in the same way as you did for translators. However, on the first page of the memoQ handoff wizard, choose Reviewer 1 or Reviewer 2 in the Role drop-down box.

When new documents are added to the project, or an existing document is assigned to someone else: Simply return to the Overview pane, and create new handoff packages. memoQ will create update packages. If a user receives a second handoff package from a project, memoQ will update their copy of the project.

If the handoff went wrong, and you want to start over: In Project home, choose Overview. On the Overview pane, click the Handoff / delivery tab. Under Actions, click Clear handoff history. Be careful: After you clear the handoff history, you may still receive delivery packages in response to the earlier handoff packages. However, you won't be able to update your project from these.

If you can't update your project from a delivery package: Unzip the package file, and on top of the project, import the XLIFF (.xlf or .mqxlz) files you find inside. memoQ will update the documents in the project, but it will not update their workflow status.