With memoQ web search, you can search for a word or a phrase on several web sites at once. You can do this while you are translating a document in the translation editor.

How to get here

1.Open a project.

2.Open a document for editing.

3.In the translation editor, select the word or phrase to search for.

4.Press Ctrl+F3.

The memoQ web search window opens.

Before you use memoQ web search, you need to set it up: To learn how, see Help about the Web search settings window.


What can you do?

When you open memoQ web search for the first time: Set it up

Using the results from memoQ web search

When you finish

Close the memoQ web search window at the top left.

memoQ web search is a separate window: It has a separate icon on the Windows taskbar. To switch to memoQ web search from memoQ, press Alt+Tab several times, until the memoQ web search window appears.