Here, you can change the term base's definition - what fields it is made of, and how.

How to get here

1.Open memoQWeb in a web browser. Log in as an administrator, project manager, terminologist, or external user.

2.Click the QTerm tab. The QTerm - Home page appears.

3.Choose a term base, and in its row, in the Operations column, click the Settings icon_qterm_settings icon.

Or: Click a term base. On the Browse terms page, at the top right, click Term base settings.

4.Click the Definition tab.


What can you do?

Add, change or remove fields as needed (just like in the New term base wizard).

Built-in fields cannot be edited and deleted: Their Ops column is empty.

To save your changes: Click Save. To not save them: Click Cancel.

When you finish

To return to the QTerm - Home screen: At the top left, click QTerm - Home.

To sign out of QTerm: In the top row, click Sign out.