You can start a discussion in memoQWebTrans, QTerm and on the Discussions home tab.

How to begin

There are several ways to invoke a discussion:

On the memoQWebTrans tab, open a document from the Document list, then click the Discuss button:


You can start a discussion by double clicking the Discuss icon in the segment, or by clicking the Discuss icon (icon_discuss)above the toolbar.

You can also click the Discussion icons in a row to open the Start a discussion for the document row dialog:


Enter text in the fields (Summary, Problem, Suggestion/Answer), and assign a user from the Assigned to drop-down list. Below you can see related topics, if there are any. Click Create to create the discussion. Click Create and open to create and open the just created discussion. Click Close to close the Start a discussion window.


On the qTerm tab, open a term base, then click the Discuss button next to the entry to start a discussion, you can also start a discussion on language or term level, or click the Discuss button in the Browse terms:


Note: You can create a topic on term base level, entry, language or term level.

In Browse terms, click the Related Discussions icon (icon_startDiscussion) next to the Start new discussion icon (icon_relatedDiscussions) to display all related topics for this term base. On the entry level, you also have these two options available: to start a discussion and to display all related topics.


On the Discussions home tab, click the New announcement link to create a topic:


Here you can manage topics: delete, edit, add topics. You can also make them starred, pin them, broadcast them, and monitor topics.

See the New announcement topic.


You can move generic topics to other generic forums. You can change the status of a forum. You can delete a topic and a forum.

Topic participants are memoQ users who have any of the following relations to a topic:

Topic creator

The user who has been or is currently assigned to the topic

A user who added at least one note to the topic

Topic participants get notified in an email when an event is logged in the Change history.

A topic can be searched by the following criteria:






Sticky topics

You can make a topic sticky which means to pin it, it will be listed on top of all topic listings regardless of the filter applied. To make a topic sticky, go to the Discussions tab, then click the Make sticky icon (icon_pin), the topic will become sticky and listed on top of the list. Click the Remove sticky icon (icon_sticky) to remove the topic pin.

Note: You can only pin a topic when you have administrator or project manager permission.

Starred topics

You can also make a topic starred in clicking the white star icon (icon_notSTarred). The topic becomes starred which makes it visible to everyone on the organization. The starred topic has a icon_starred icon. This way, you can make important topics like terms to use or business problems visible, like setting a bookmark.