As described in the Discussions home topic, you can filter topics according to its relation, e.g. Project and term base filter.

How to begin

On the Discussions home tab, click the Related to link to open the Selected elements dialog:



The dialog has 4 tabs: Projects, Documents, Term bases and Forums. Click on each tab, and select of what you wish to include in your search.

Click the Plus icon to add them to the Selected elements list.

Click the Delete icon to remove an item, or click the remove all link to remove your entire selection. If you have a lot of projects, term bases, documents and forums, you can narrow down your search in only selecting specific projects and/or term bases for your search.

On the Documents tab, you can for instance click the Arrow icon which extends the project's document list. Then click the Plus icon to add specific documents to your search.

Note: On the Forums tab, only generic forums are displayed, and can therefore be selected.

Each tab has a Search field where you can enter a search word or expression, then click the Search button to filter the list on this tab to choose from for the Selected elements.

Note: The Selected elements list is limited to 10 elements. You cannot select more.


After you selected the elements to include in your search, click the OK button to return to the Discussions home tab. Click Cancel to discard your selection. On the Discussions home tab, your selected elements number is shown next to Related to. Enter a word or expression in the Topics containing text field. Choose your other settings, then click the Filter link. The list is now filtered according to your settings, including or excluding projects, documents, term bases and forums.