A topic contains properties, one property has a change history. You can track the history of discussions: who did what and when. It also enables you to follow why for instance a segment was translated this way (the discussion between the translator and the reviewer) or why a term is used this way and not for instance written with a hyphen.

The change history property consists of:

date modified

user name



The following events are recorded in the change history:


“Field” value

“Change” value

Topic created

Topic created


Status changed; or

Assigned to changed; or

Source language changed; or

Target language changed


Assigned to

Source language

Target language

Open => Resolved

user A => user B

English => German

German => English

Summary changed; or

Problem changed; or

Suggestion/answer changed

Topic summary



Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In id consectetur turpis. 


Vestibulum sit amet est nisl. Donec a lorem odio. Fusce non justo augue, sit amet porta felis.

Note added

Note added: 1234


Note deleted

Note deleted: 1234


Broadcast added

Broadcast added: 1234


Broadcast deleted

Broadcast deleted: 1234


Secondary relation added

Topic relation added: General -> Welcome to Kilgray!


Secondary relation deleted

Topic relation deleted: General -> Welcome to Kilgray!


Permission type changed

Permission type

Grant only => Inherited

Permission added

Permission added for ml (user)


Permission changed

Permission changed for ml (user)

Permission: Guest => Update, Expiry => 2012-04-12

Permission deleted

Permission deleted for ml (user)