On the Discussions home tab, all topics are displayed. Here you can manage topics and change the status for a topic. If you have many topics, scroll down the page.


Topic participants are memoQ users who have any of the following relations to a topic:

the topic creator,

the user who has been or is currently assigned to the topic,

a user who added at least one note to the topic,

topic participants get notified in an email when an event is logged in the Change history.


Topics have a different background color depending on their status:

red background color: Topic status is Open.

green background color: Topic status is set to Resolved.

gray background color: Topic status is set to Closed.

Note: When the topic is made sticky, then the background color is disregarded.

In the Change status drop-down list, you can choose from the following options:

Move: You can move a topic to another forum. You can choose from the Move topics to forum drop-down list to which forum you want to move this topic to. Then click Move. The topic will be moved to the indicated forum.

Delete: Use this option to delete a topic.

Assign to: You can assign a topic to a user.

Check the check box of a topic on the Discussions home tab. Then choose a status from the drop-down list, and click OK. Depending on your selection, you are directed to further options to choose, e.g. to select a forum where to move a topic to.