Discussions allow you to do query management. Things can go wrong in a translation, or the source text is misleading, and you would like to ask back, add a comment of a not properly used term, or comment on an error, indicated by LQA.

Any user with sufficient permissions can use discussions in memoQWeb. Discussions allow you to discuss and comment on documents, single rows, qTerm entries or single terms. You can follow or unfollow topics, pin them on top of your topic list on the Discussions home tab, make a topic sticky to be visible on top of the topic list for everyone in your organization, etc.

For further information on Discussions in memoQ and memoQWeb, please also read the Discussions guide, available on the memoQ website.

A discussion consists of forums and topics:

A topic is a discussion thread. A forum is a container of topics. For example a forum is a memoQ project and a topic could be a setting of a resource (like segmentation rules).

A topic belongs to a forum and is assigned to a forum when the topic is created. A topic can be re-assigned to another forum at any time.

Click to learn more about the structure of forums and topics

The Discussions home tab shows a list of discussions you can read or change. You can create a new forum or a new announcement, manage forums, change the status for a topic, move topics to other forums, delete topics, and search topics. You can also make topics sticky or pin them.

The Discussion tab might not be there: memoQWeb will not show the Discussion tab if the discussions are disabled on the entire server, or you are member of a group that is excluded from discussions. If you believe you should be able to view discussions, contact your project manager or server administrator.

How to begin

Sign in to memoQWeb, then click the Discussions tab. The Discussions home page appears:



Forum topics section

The topic list


By default, the page size is set to 20 items. Choose a different value from the drop-down list to increase the displayed item list. Use the Back and Next buttons to navigate through the list of discussions.


See also:

Creating and working with topics

The Discussions guide on the memoQ website.