Welcome to memoQWeb - the part of memoQ server that makes it available through a Web browser. If an organization runs memoQ server, they also have memoQWeb.

memoQWeb has several modules:

memoQWebTrans allows users to translate documents in a Web browser;

QTerm is a collaborative terminology management system for organizations to create, manage, and share their own terminology;

Project management and admin pages make most housekeeping tasks available from any platform and any location.

To learn about memoQWeb Help, use the table of contents to look for information on:

Installing memoQWeb

General Settings



Web Project Management (Web PM)

Online file storage (Files)

If you are looking for a particular topic, use the index or the full-text search tab to enter keywords of your search.

You can also click Help in the top left corner of any memoQWeb page to see help content for that page:


Version: memoQ server 2015 through 8.3

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