From the Discussion tab, you can post a new announcement. An announcement is a topic that is not related to a project, a document, a segment, a term base, or a term base entry. You need to post the announcement to generic forum that already exists.

Announcements are not always available: You cannot post announcements if generic discussions are disabled on the server.

How to begin

Sign in to memoQWeb, click the Discussion tab, and click New announcement.


When you post a new annoucement, you create an independent topic. It does not belong to an item such as a document or a term base. You need to post it to an existing generic forum, though.

First, you need to choose the forum. Choose a generic one, otherwise the topic will become just another discussion about an item, and not an announcement:


You can start other topics, too: By posting an announcement, you can actually start all kinds of discussions. If you choose a project or a term base for your announcement, the topic will no longer be generic: it will belong to the project or term base you choose. However, it is better to start those discussions directly from the project or the term base.

Termbases not always available: If qTerm-related discussions are disabled on the server, the Term bases item will not appear in this wizard page.

After you choose the forum, click Next.

The Enter topics details page appears:


Enter a text in the Summary field. Choose a user from the Assigned to drop-down list. You can enter text in the Problem and in the Answer / Suggestion fields. Choose a source and target language.


Click Finish to post your new announcement. Click Back to choose a different forum. If you do not want to post the announcement after all, click Cancel.