In memoQweb, you can create and manage online projects. To do this, log in to memoQweb, and click the Project management tab.

You can do the following:

Create an online project using an online project template

Import documents and translation memories

Assign translators and reviewers to documents

Watch the progress of each project and download exported files

Change the documents and the assignments in each project

Launch the project

There are some things you can do in memoQ only. In memoQweb, you cannot do the following, you need memoQ for them:

Create and edit project templates

Change translation memories or other resources in a project

Create and edit filter configurations, QA profiles, segmentation rules, and other resources

View historic (inactive) projects

Run reports manually

When you manage a project in memoQweb, you can always switch to memoQ to access more options.

You need project manager or administrator privileges: The Project management tab appears only if you are member of the Project managers or the Administrators group, or any other group that allows members to create projects.

A project manager license will be taken from the memoQ server: When you log in to memoQweb as a project manager or an administrator, a project manager license is taken from the license pool of the memoQ server. If there are no available project manager licenses in the pool, you will not be able to log in or manage projects. When you close memoQweb, the license returns to the pool.

How to get here

1.Log in to memoQweb. Use an account that is member of the Project managers or the Administrators group.

2.Click the Project management tab.


What can you do?

Create a new online project

See and act on events that happen in projects

View, filter, and sort the list of active projects. Select projects

Manage an existing project

Open an existing project in memoQ

Archive a project or delete it (move it to the Recycle Bin)

View projects in the Recycle bin. Restore projects

When you finish

Close memoQweb or click another tab.