To connect to memoQWeb, you need a web browser and an address to connect to, as well as a user name and password that will grant you access to the site. If you do not have the address of the memoQWeb site, the user name, or the password, ask your project manager or the system administrator of the server's owner.

The web address looks like If the address begins with https://, your connection to the server will be encrypted. If it begins with http://, the connection is not encrypted.

Warning: It is strongly recommended to use an encrypted connection. Otherwise, it is easy for unauthorized people to access data going to or coming from the server.

Supported browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and the latest two versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you are using a Mac: Safari is not officially supported, but in general, works properly.

1.Open your web browser, and type or paste the web address you received from the server's owner.

2.In the browser, memoQWeb displays a sign-in page, where you need to type your user name and password.


3.After you type your user name and password, click Sign in. memoQWeb displays its main page.

The main page depends on your role or privileges:

If you are a translator – that is, you are member of the Internal translators group or you received work through a project –, memoQWeb displays the memoQWebTrans tab with your task list, as well as the Discussion tab.

If you are terminologist - that is, you are member of the memoQWeb external users, memoQWeb priority, or Terminologists groups on the server -, memoQWeb displays the memoQWebTrans, qTerm, and Discussion tabs. The opening page is the memoQWebTrans tab, showing your task list.

If you are an administrator of the server (member of the Administrators group), memoQWeb displays all six tabs (Admin, Project management, memoQWebTrans, QTerm, Discussion, Files), and the initial page is Admin.

If you are a project manager - that is, you are member of the Project managers group on the server -- memoQWeb displays all six tabs, but it starts with the Project management tab. The Admin tab is restricted to the user list because you can add new users to the system, but you cannot change any other settings.

Signing in to memoQWeb takes a license from the server: When a user signs in to memoQWeb, the memoQ server behind the memoQWeb site automatically grants them a license. When you cannot sign in to the server or you cannot open a document for translation, it usually happens because the server has no more available licenses.