Using the View pane allows you to switch the previews between the translation preview of your document, the QA and LQA errors and the comments which you or others in the project may have entered. You can also display the Review pane to display the row history.

How to begin

Log in to memoQwebTrans with your credentials, and open the document for translation. In the navigation bar, click the View pane icon:


When you invoke the View pane, the first view is the translation preview:


The current segment of the translation grid is indicated with a red frame. If you translate a segment fully or partially in the translation grid, the Translation preview pane will be refreshed with the current target version of the segment.


Click theicon_qaPreview icon to switch in the View pane to the QA/LQA error preview.


LQA preview:


When you enter an LQA error for a segment, then this error is shown in the LQA preview. In the first column of the table, you can perform actions:

Click the icon_correctError icon to accept the error.

Click the icon_openDisputeWindow icon to open the View/dispute window.

Click the icon_deleteError icon to delete the error.

Click the icon_noCommentforError icon to comment on the error. When the bubble icon is white, then there is not yet a comment for this error. When the bubble icon is red (icon_commentsPreview), then there are comments for this error. Click the bubble icon to display the error.

In the Error type column, you see the error type which was indicated by you as a reviewer, or, when you are the translator, this is the error type the reviewer marked for this segment. Depending on the LQA model for this project, the error type may vary.

In the Highlighted text column, you see the original text. The corrected text is shown in the Corrected text column. In the last column, you can start a discussion.


QA preview:


The QA preview of your current segment shows you all QA error types. You can perform 2 actions:

Click the convert to LQA error icon (icon_convertToLQAerror) to invoke the Add a language quality error dialog. Then you can turn a QA error into an LQA error.

Click the Hide error icon (icon_hideError) to hide an error from the View pane.

A segment can have a warning (flash icon) or an error (red triangle icon). Depending on the type, you see either a red flash or a triangle icon in the QA error type column.

In the Short description row, the QA error code is displayed. The Description column gives you the full description of the error, e.g. a number mismatch.


Click the icon_commentsPreview icon to switch in the View pane to the Comments preview.


Comments pane:

In the Comments view, you find information on the user who created this comment, the comment itself, the date and time of creation, the severity and to what the comment applies to (entire row, source or target cell).


You can click the comments icon in this segment again, and enter another comment or comment back on an existing comment from another project participant. All active comments are shown in the Comments view pane in descending order. Click the icon_deleteError icon to delete a comment.


Review pane:

In the Review pane, you find information for the row history. Click the icon_rowHistory icon to display the Review pane. The Review pane contains information on the document version, the date, the user and the differences between segment versions.



Click the icon_translationPreview icon to switch in the View pane back to the Translation preview. Click on the icons in the View pane to switch between the different views. Click the open View pane icon in the toolbar to close the View pane. Click the closed View pane icon to display the View pane again.