The third line of the toolbar contains various buttons that allow you to perform actions.

The toolbar in the translation editor has the following buttons:

ico_undo Performs an undo operation. Please note that you can only perform undo before you leave a segment. Undo won't work on multiple segments.

ico_redo Performs a redo operation. Please note that you can only perform redo before you leave a segment. Redo won't work on multiple segments.

ico_boldMarks the selected text as bold. Shortcut key: Ctrl+B

ico_italic Marks the selected text as italic. Shortcut key: Ctrl+I

ico_underline Marks the selected text as underline. Shortcut key: Ctrl+U

ico_insertallformattags Inserts all format tags, one after the other. Shortcut key: Alt+F8

ico_insertinlinetag Copies next tag sequence. Shortcut key: F9

icon_splitSegmentSplits 2 segments.

icon_joinSegmentJoins 2 segments.

icon_editSourceMakes the source segment editable.

icon_revertSourceReverts the source segment to the stage before you edited the source segment.

ico_confirmed Confirms a segment, saves it into the translation memory, and proceeds to the next row. This might be a segment beyond the next one: the Jump to row settings apply, see also Jump to row. Shortcut key: Ctrl+Enter

ico_locked Locks the highlighted segment. Shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+L

ico_concordance1Performs concordance search. Shortcut key: Ctrl+K

icon_newTB_entryAdds a new term base entry.

icon_subscript Adds subscript formatting in your segment.

icon_superscript Adds superscript formatting in your segment.

icon_rejectMarks a segment as rejected. The Rejected segment status is used for the LQA workflow, a segment can be rejected in clicking the Rejected button in the toolbar or by pressing Shift+Enter.

icon_searchOpens the Find and replace dialog. Shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+F

icon_highlight Highlights a word or expression in the source or target segment.