In the Muse properties window, you can change some of the details of an existing Muse.

You can change the name and the descriptive details of the Muse. You cannot change the languages of the Muse.

You cannot train or retrain a Muse here: Use the Train Muse window instead.

To learn more about setting up Muses: See Help about the Create Muse window.

How to get here

1.Open a project. In Project home, choose Muses.

From the Resource console: Open the Resource console. Choose Muses. In the Server URL box, choose My Computer. (Muses are always local. You cannot share them on server, or use them in online projects.)

2.Right-click the name of the Muse you need to change. From the menu, choose Properties.

The Muse properties window opens.


What can you do?

Change the name and the description of the Muse. Review and change main details

Check the languages and the folder of the Muse

When you finish

To save changes to the Muse: Click OK.

To return to the Resource Console or to Project home without saving changes: Click Cancel.