In the Updates and news pane of Options, you can choose how memoQ downloads and installs automatic updates.

You can also stop receiving the news on the Dashboard.

How to get here

1.Open the Options window: At the very top of the memoQ window - in the Quick Access toolbar quick-access-default -, click the Options (cogwheels) quick-access-options icon. The Options window opens.

2.Under Category, click Updates and news. The Updates and news pane appears.


What can you do?

Choose what happens when there is an update to memoQ

Install updates now

You can check if there is a new version (which is more than an update): Check the Check for new versions online check box. After this, memoQ will give you a warning on the Dashboard when there is a newer version of memoQ that you can upgrade to. If you are eligible for a free upgrade, a download link also appears.

Stop receiving news: Normally, memoQ displays news on the Dashboard. These are usually about the contents of new updates, but they can be any news items from the memoQ website. To stop receiving news, check the Do not show news on the Dashboard check box.

When you finish

To save the settings and return to memoQ: Click OK.

To save the settings and remain in the Options window: Click Apply.

To return to memoQ without making changes: Click Cancel.

Or, choose another category: