In the Dashboard, the Details pane shows full details about the selected project.

To learn where to go from the Dashboard: See the main topic.

This is the project management dashboard: You see this Help page because you come from the project manager edition of memoQ. If you need the page about the translator's version, click here.

How to get here

The Details pane doesn't appear automatically. To display it: Click the Details icon_detailsDashboard button above the list.

dashboard_details dashboard_details_progress dashboard_details_users

The three tabs of the Details pane for an online project


Details pane for a local project

What can you do?

Look at the main details of the project on the Project tab - or in local projects

See details about the progress of the project on the Progress tab - in online projects

See details about the users involved in the project - on the Users tab - in online projects

In local projects, there may be a Packages tab: This tab appears only if you have created handoff packages from the project.

Commands at the bottom - online projects: Open and Reassign

Commands at the bottom - local projects: Open and Back up

If several projects are selected: If you open the Details pane, memoQ shows their progress together. If they are online projects, and one of them is progressing slowly: A red warning sign appears, too. The Open, Back up, and Reassign commands are not available in this case.