The Dashboard is first and foremost a list of projects. This page describes the things you can see in that list.

To learn where to go from the Dashboard: See the main topic.

This is the project management dashboard: You see this Help page because you come from the project manager edition of memoQ. If you need the page about the translator's version, click here.

The list is filtered: Normally, the Dashboard doesn't show all the projects. You get a filtered view. You can filter the project list in many ways. To learn more: See the topic about filtering the list.

The project list has two views.

To show as many projects as possible, each project occupies one row in the table. This is the default view.


If your screen isn't so wide, or you need more details about each project, switch to the two-row view: Click the Two-row view icon_two-rows icon.

Then each project will occupy two rows. But you can oversee fewer projects on the screen.



What can you do?

Choose where the projects come from: your computer or an online location

Click to expand the list of details (columns) the Dashboard has about each project

Move around in the project list

Sort the project list

Click to expand the types of projects (with icons)

Project status icons