PO files are localization files, mostly used for writing multilingual programs on Unix computers. PO Gettext files are bilingual and can contain a single source and target language.

memoQ can directly work with PO Gettext files. The exported file is bilingual.

How to get here

1.Start importing a PO Gettext (.po) file.

2.In the Document import options window, select the PO Gettext files, and click Change filter and configuration.

3.The Document import settings window appears. From the Filter drop-down list, choose PO Gettext filter.


What can you do?

Deal with segments and spaces

Import or ignore comments, context, and obsolete entries

For the rest, you may need to know what PO Gettext file looks like

Import (map) the status of segments

Deal with alternate plural forms

When you finish

To confirm the settings, and return to the Document import options window: Click OK.

To return the Document import options window, and not change the filter settings: Click Cancel.

If this is a cascading filter, you can change the settings of another filter in the chain: Click the name of the filter at the top of the window.

In the Document import options window: Click OK again to start importing the documents.