This command will automatically fill in the translations of segments where the source text is just a number. It is useful when you need to translate tables that have hundreds or thousands of cells with nothing but numbers, and documents that contain facts and figures.

In addition to numbers, memoQ recognizes all sorts of placeables – measurements with units, non-translatable items, e-mail addresses, web addresses and other recognizable entities. When a segment contains nothing but one of these, the source text gets copied automatically.

memoQ will not simply copy the numbers: it will change their format, so that they match the target language. To configure how this happens, use the AutoPick settings in your project: on the Translation ribbon, click Translation Settings, choose Predictive Typing and AutoPick, and then click the AutoPick tab. In the AutoPick tab, review the settings in the Number format for target language section, and change them as you see fit. To learn more, see Help about AutoPick.

How to get here

1.Open a project. If necessary, you may open a document for editing.

2.On the Preparation ribbon, click Populate Number-Only Segments. The Populate number-only segments window opens.


What can you do?

First, choose the documents and segments that memoQ must try to fill in: Choose a scope

Second, tell what memoQ should look for in segments

If necessary, make memoQ more eager when it recognizes and fills in non-textual segments

Finally, choose a new status for the segments that were filled in

When you finish

To save the changes, and fill in the segments throughout your document or documents: Click OK.

To return to Project home or to the translation editor, without changing anything: Click Cancel.