This window opens when you try to export a translated document with a relative export path.

A relative export path does not contain a drive letter and a folder path from the root folder. This means memoQ cannot determine exactly where to save the exported file on your computer.

When this happens, you need to choose a drive and a root folder where memoQ can export the document.


What can you do?

This problem occurs if the original import location (which is always an absolute path with a drive letter) does not exist. This can happen in two cases

1.The original import folder was deleted or moved elsewhere on your computer.

2.The document was imported on another computer with a different folder structure. Then it was transferred to your computer as a bilingual document (MQXLZ file).

To solve the problem: Find a base folder on your computer where the document can be exported.

Next to the Base path box, click the ellipsis ellipsis_button button. An Open window appears. Find a folder on your computer for the document, and click Open.

One folder only: There may be several documents on the list. They will all be exported in the same base folder. (There may be folder names in the relative paths - then memoQ will create those folders within the base folder you choose.)

When you finish

To export the documents in the selected folder, and return to Project home: Click OK.

To return to Project home, without exporting the documents: Click Cancel.