It is highly recommended that you make regular backup copies of all data under memoQ server.

You need the backup - usually the latest one - if you lose memoQ server to a malfunction, or when you need to transfer memoQ server to a different computer.

You can restore a backup copy in the Deployment tool: In the memoQ server section, just click Restore from backup. But it is not as simple as this.

When you restore a backup copy, it will restore memoQ server to the exact same point in time when the backup was made. You would not do this if memoQ server were working perfectly.

You must restore data on the same version: For example, if you back up data form memoQ server 8.0 (any build), you need to restore them on memoQ server 8.0.


Don't make changes unless you have experience operating computer networks and Microsoft SQL Server, and everything written here is clear to you.

If you lose memoQ server - or you need it on another machine

If you need to undo mistakes