This page is about all the ribbons that memoQ uses, except for the ribbons in the memoQ online project window.

You can customize the Workflow and the Quick Access ribbon, as well as the Quick access toolbar: The Help pages describe the default settings only.

To learn more about each ribbon, click their name below:








Quick Access


Term base editor

Term bases

Term extraction


Translation memories

Translation memory editor



Quick access toolbar (in the top left corner)

Ribbon basics

A ribbon contains icons. To use a command, click an icon.

There can be several ribbons in the memoQ window. Each ribbon has a tab. To bring a ribbon to the top, click its tab (the area with the red border):


Sometimes an icon opens a menu:


Sometimes an icon starts a command, but it can also open a menu. To open the menu, click the label - the text - below the icon (the area with the red border):


If you just click the icon, it will start one of the commands.

If you make the memoQ window smaller - or your screen is too small -, some icons will get smaller, lose their text, or disappear entirely:


You cannot see all the ribbons all the time. memoQ displays a ribbon if its commands make sense at the place you are.

For example, the Edit ribbon will appear only when you are editing a document.

If you need more screen space, you can hide the ribbon. To do that, right-click anywhere on the ribbon. From the menu, choose Minimize The Ribbon. Or, click the little up arrow icon in the upper right corner of the memoQ window (the area with the red border):


When the ribbon is hidden, you need to click the same button again to see it:


Customizing the ribbons

You can customize the following ribbons:

Online Project Workflow (in the memoQ online project window)

Quick access


Quick access toolbar

To customize the ribbons: Right-click anywhere on the ribbon. From the menu, choose Customize The Ribbon. The Customize the memoQ ribbon window opens.

To just add an icon to the Quick access toolbar (not to the Quick Access ribbon): On the ribbon, right-click the icon. From the menu, choose Add To Quick Access Toolbar.