In a template-based online project, memoQ server can run quality assurance (QA) checks automatically, and save the report on the server.

When the server runs QA as an automated action, it will use the QA settings currently active in the online project.

How to get here

1.Open Resource console. Choose Project templates.

Online projects only: Use an online template for this. Choose your memoQ server at the top of Resource console. Click Select.

2.Select the project template where you want to change the workflow status of documents when necessary. Right-click the selection, and click Edit.

Online projects only: This action isn't available in local projects. If the eye is closed in the top right corner of the Edit project template window, click it.

3.In the Edit project template window, choose Automated actions. Click the Project automation tab if you don't see it at first.

4.Under Available triggers, click an event when you want memoQ check the documents.

5.Next to Actions added to the selected trigger, click the + sign. The Select actions you want to add to the trigger window appears.

6.Choose Run QA and export report on server.

The Run QA and create reports window opens.

If you can't add this action because it's already there: Under Actions added to the selected trigger, click the same action. Next to the list, click the Settings icon_automated-action-settings button. The corresponding settings window appears.


What can you do?

Run QA checks - or not: Normally, memoQ server will run the QA checks again. If you do not want this, clear the Run QA check box. In that case, memoQ server will save the existing warnings in the report. If you run QA, you can run it on the locked rows, too: Check the Include locked rows check box.

Tell memoQ server to e-mail the report: Normally, memoQ server will not send the report in e-mail to anyone. However, you can choose to send them to translators, Reviewer 1 users, Reviewer 2 users, and project managers. Check the check box for each user role where the server must send the report.

In addition, you can send the reports to specific addresses. Type the addresses in the box under Send reports in email to. Separate two or more e-mail addresses with semicolons (;).

To send separate reports about each translator's work: Check the Send separate reports per translator check box. If the reports should be sent to translators, each translator will receive the report about their own work only.

Choose how the reports are saved on the memoQ server

When you finish

To add the action to the project template: Click OK.

Nothing is exported when you click OK: To export the files automatically in an ongoing project: Create a project from this project template, and start working on it. Check the output folders.

To return to the Edit project template window, and not add an action to the project template: Click Cancel.