If a team of translators and reviewers work on a project, memoQ can automatically assign documents to the translators and the reviewers.

To do that, memoQ needs to know two details about every translator and reviewer: which language pairs they work with, and in what role or roles (Translator, Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2).

This works in online projects as well as local projects. From a local project, you send handoff packages and receive delivery packages. Translator's and reviewers don't work online.

Project manager edition only: You can't assign users and send handoff packages from the translator pro edition of memoQ. You need the project manager edition for that.

In this window, you can set the users and their roles for one target language. There is a list of users in the project. You can choose a role for each user on this list.

You can set this up

in an online project;

in a local project; and

in a project template.

The command and the window is the same in all three cases.

How to get here

From an online project

From a project template

From a local project


What can you do?

Select one user in each role

Select several users in a role or in all roles

Set up FirstAccept or GroupSourcing (online projects only)

Assign certain languages to subvendors (online projects only)

When you finish

To save the role settings: Click OK.

To return to the previous place, and not set the roles: Click Cancel.

Possible next steps

In an online project: memoQ returns to the memoQ online project window, to the People pane. Choose Translations, and import documents if there aren't any yet. Assign documents to users: Select the documents you want to assign. Right-click the selection, and choose Auto-Assign. The Auto-assign documents window appears.

In a project template: memoQ returns to the Edit project template window. Set up automatic assignment: Choose the Automated actions pane. Click the Project automation tab. In the list of events (triggers), click After document import, and add the Auto-assign users to documents action.